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KNIGHT Sea On Fire
The North Korean Files

Award winning designer, Anthony Phills, has a “Free” present for you. The stakes are too high and the story is too real. In the new short story, “Sea On Fire” Special Agent Tony Knight has 5-days to avert WWIII with North Korea. Along with some of Knight’s old friends and the new mysterious character, Hiro, you will follow his team of renegade hackers who try to save the world from nuclear war and expose enemies within the Deep State.

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KNIGHT Sea On Fire

“Sea On Fire” is absolutely FREE! Simply complete the “Sea On Fire” Request Form” and you will be sent the link to the PDF download of the entire story. Take “Sea On Fire” with you wherever you go!

You will find links to a Blog, Podcast and Mixtape within the story. Just complete the “Request Form and your “Free” copy of “Sea On Fire” is on the way to your iPhone or computer. "Sea On Fire" is an amazing “Free” gift!

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The Blogs
The Blogs: Start Here

The Blogs start the “Sea On Fire“ journey by providing the reader with a glimpse into the Deep State and Tony Knight. Key details in the North Korean files describe the hackers involved in the case.


Podcast: The Blackouts

Knight is trained for death but is afraid to die. “The Blackouts” are reflective. Does a near death experience change a person’s perspective on life?

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Music: Mixtapes

The mixtape series “The Knight Trilogy” is hosted by DJ Black Orchid from KAAOS Radio - The Sound Of The Dark Web. Readers will be able to listen to 2 hours of music curated for Sea On Fire.

Mixtape Pt 1

Mixtape Pt 2


“KNIGHT: Sea On Fire”
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Author & Creator Anthony W. Phills

On The Edge of KNIGHT, Phills introduces new way of storytelling to audiences that combines traditional publishing with that of electronic multi-media. The result is a trilogy that submerges the reader in Knight’s world and invites them to go along and -in some cases- participate in his adventures.

Black Site Remix: Sea On Fire
Navid Lancaster